What Makes Elitewheels DRIVE carbon spoke wheels and Spokes So Fast


Elitewheels Drive Carbon Spoke wheel not only consider single aspect of aerodynamic of the wheel,but the comprehensive efficency of the bike wheel systems,We put our effort into labotory test as well as real world riding test and product research to make the most efficient road bike wheel system.


  1. Wider bladed carbonspokes are more aerodynamic.

Wind tunnel testing done by major brands as well Elitewheels has shown that traditional bladed spokes are more aerodynamic than round spokes. Our carbon spokes have an even greater aerodynamic advantage by using even wider bladed spokes that are 3.3mm wide as compared to traditional 2.0-2.3mm wide stainless steel bladed spokes while being lighter in weight. They offer a significant reduction in rotational drag.

2.Balancing aerodynamics, handling and efficiency.

①Cross wind stability and Faster speed.

While cycling in crosswind conditions, cyclists and road bikes are exposed to lateral forces that affect bicycle handling. When designing wheels, the aim is to minimize these lateral forces as much as possible while maximizing the sailing effect, leading to the best overall riding experience.

Our unique UV rim profile found on our Drive wheels is specifically designed to minimize lateral forces and lower aerodynamic drag. Our rims are designed to offer just the right balance between crosswind stability and faster speeds by employing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing.



②Rolling Resistance

Bicycle rolling resistance is not as simple as the forces encountered while riding different surfaces. Wider tires and inner rim widths increase efficiency and improve riding characteristics such as rider comfort and traction.

Thanks to our generous 21mm wide inner width, wider tires can be used on our rims, allowing for broader tire contact patches and therefore less rolling resistance. Narrower tires tend to have higher rolling resitance. Furthermore, tires of the same size can be run at lower pressures.

For those who would like to ride on wider tires, there are two options. The first is to install wider tires. The second is to use a rim with a wider tire bed. A wider rim as well as a wider tire results in a wider, yet shorter tire contact patch. This results in less tire sag, deforming the tire to a lesser extent, resulting in less energy lost. Reducing rolling resistance has a large impact on performance, as is true with aerodynamics and crosswind stability.



Wider tires tend to contribute to lower rolling resistance. Thanks to the increase in overall volume, they have a wider contact patch and can be used at lower air pressures, reducing the likelihood of pinch flats. Narrower tires have narrower contact patches. The contact area of wider tires is not as long. As a result, reducing rolling resistance.



3.Despite being lighter weight, carbon spokes’are stiffer, the carbon spoke light weight and stiffness characteristics with up to more 30% lighter and 1.5 times stiffer than that of its stainless steel and titanium counterpart.Allowing for up to a 7% increase in lateral response over the equivalent steel spoke wheel, They also allow for a 2:1 lacing pattern, which enable us to use fewer spokes to improve aerodynamics.



According to Zipp A note on Spoke Count in Aerodynamic Bicycle Wheels and others test has suggested changing from 32 round to 32 oval spokes would provide a differential in wattage to spin, by as much as 10 watts, but to move from 32 round spokes to 18 or 20 ovalized ones can yield more than 20 watts of improvement.

Pls see our DRIVE carbon spoke Elitewheels meticulously combine Aerodynamics,Rolling efficiency and Crosswind stability with lightest weight.

Article from: https://www.elite-wheels.com/news/aerodynamic-plus-highlight-for-elite-drive-carbon-spoke-wheelset

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