How Is Kabaddi Gaining Popularity In Fantasy Leagues?


Sports fans always seek ways to get more involved with their favorite teams and players. And those fans always root for their favorite players’ performance by creating their own fantasy team. Fantasy sports offer a way for fans to do just that. Fantasy sports are games where fans assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real teams of real players and compete against each other.

It has grown in popularity and now includes games based on many sports, such as football, cricket, Kabaddi, volleyball, basketball, etc., giving all sports enthusiasts a chance to set up their virtual team and earn money.

Because of various fantasy match, fantasy sports will not go down soon as there is constant growth in sports and their fans. And with the introduction of the Indian Premier League(IPL), with daily matches for more than two months, gives more and more opportunities for a fan to participate in contests and engage more with the game.

Fantasy sport is based on a prediction by a fan with their analysis, and with proper research, one gets a chance to win the contest and claim the prize. With thefantasy game app fans with their skills and knowledge enjoy the sport with rewards.  At this moment, they get a chance to challenge other such fans and can make a perfect team. And for a game like cricket, one has to do an analysis based on the player’s skills, match conditions, and pitch report. And with an increase in the number of matches, their fans get more and more chances to root for their player and get more involved in the game.

Fantasy sports in India grew because of the number of cricket fans we have. But now all the other sports like Kabaddi, Football have gained popularity.

Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports, and it is the second most watched sport in India, after cricket. A Kabaddi match is a game of 40 minutes and a 5-minute break between (20+5+20) with seven players on each side. It consists of raiders, Defenders, and all-rounders. Raiders try to take points during a raid, and on the other hand, defenders try to stop the raider. Points are based on how many players a raider has touched, and the defender gets a single point for stopping the raider.

It is a sport which requires no equipment. Kabaddi has gained more popularity in India after introducing the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). This has also allowed Kabaddi fans to play the game and participate in various competitions.

The sport’s growth also resulted in such fantasy leagues’ growth. At this moment, Dream 11, one of the sponsors of PKL, gives you a chance to create your virtual team and compete. While playing Kabaddi on Dream 11, you must select a team of 7 players, a maximum of 5 from 1 team.

For every successful raid point, a raider gets 8 points; for a bonus, they get 2; for a super raid, they get 4. And for defenders, they have 20 points for every successful tackle and 8 points for a super tackle. Raiders and defenders both earn 4 and 10 points for every super ten and high 5.

With such engaging sports, one can enjoy more through such fantasy leagues.

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