This high-end golf simulator bundle is based on HD Golf’s Multi-Sport software and is loaded with functions to give the ideal balance of precision and enjoyment.

The Ultimate Entertainment Package includes our top-of-the-line golf simulator system because it offers various sports play in gorgeous visuals and the flexibility to transform the simulator. Do have a look at Sky Pro Golf Swing Analyzer

The HD Golf Simulator Package Comes With

  • Flat Standard System 16:10 (10ft H x 15ft 6in W x 19ft L)
  • Golf Green Turf in the Area (16′ x 22′ 6″) & Stance Mat
  • Observing and Tapping the System Frame or Screen
  • Computer Vision Locator for Balls and Clubs
  • Module for Precise Spinning Measurement
  • HP Workstation for Businesses
  • Upgrade for the Sony Laser Projection & Mounting Bracket
  • 22-inch widescreen LCD touchpad display
  • Upgraded Audio System Kit
  • Software Package for HD Golf 
  • Collection of HD Multi-Sport Software 
  • Hunting and shooting accessories for multiple sports
  • Cameras for rear stereoscopic with mount and lens
  • Ceiling Track, Baffle, and Drapery System
  • Cables, components, power bar, and AV cabinet
  • Free Installation and Delivery
  • Features of HD Golf Simulator
  • Incredible graphics and realism

HD Golf developed ground-breaking image processing technology that creates 3D models from high-resolution image data, satellite data, and geophysical data. They have been the only producer of simulators to employ this technique with REAL course data in order to acquire the most prominent golf courses throughout the world in exquisite detail, providing a realistic golfing session. Other golf simulator producers all employ 3D graphics and simulations similar to those found in video games.

Pinpoint precision

In order to deliver the most thorough and precise readings, HD Golf was the initial company in the golf simulator business to integrate computer vision technology. Multiple cameras record the swing to allow for a thorough analysis of the spin, clubhead speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact, club face, efficiency, and smash factor. HD Golf Simulators assess with the highest degree of precision. For instance, club face angle engagement is precisely measured to the nearest tenth of one degree.

Pick From More Than 11 Sports

Your access to sports on demand is provided via the HD Multi-Sport Simulator. An extremely thrilling sensation is provided by actual equipment, jubilant spectators, and a stunning stadium setting! HD Multi-Sport TM is strong, user-friendly, and loaded with exceptionally dependable, market-leading technology, which makes it ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Available sports include

  • Soccer, footgolf, and golf
  • Hockey, football, and baseball
  • shooting, lacrosse, and hunting
  • Basketball and bowling

Modes of Multiplayer Gaming

The integrated, patented multiplayer gameplay options will be your favorite. The ability to adjust the level of difficulty helps to balance the rivalry between players of different ages and abilities, maintaining enthusiasm and passion.

Space Needs for HD Golf Entertainment Package

The HD Golf Simulator Entertainment Package, in general, be accommodated in most rooms.

A room with the following minimum measurements is required:

  • 16′ Width
  • Length: 22′ 6″
  • 10 feet tall

In order to swing your club securely, you might require a room with ceilings higher than 10 feet.

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