Game Preparation – The Pregame Address in Australian Football


In 1968, I had been within my second year because the coach within the Queensland condition secondary schoolboys team competing within the All Australian National Football Titles in Melbourne. Our first game was performed against Wa across the hallowed turf within the Melbourne Cricket Ground, home in our national game. It had been an excellent thrill for the boys to determine there i could work as coach.

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Listed below are the notes I made to discuss or do prior for your first game during this National Football Circus. Before the naming within the team along with the pregame address, I spoken to each team member and checked the way they were feeling.

Requirements for example points I designed to players. As being a youthful coach, Now i recognize, that people probably spoke for too extended and pointed out a number of things. But, in the football developing condition of Queensland, i used to be within the teaching mode using this boys. We’d have loved to help keep to fret the fundamental concepts inside our strategy until they elevated to obtain natural.

Experience whenever achievable. Play tight tough in-front inside your man and progressively gradually slowly move the ball wide within the backline.

Team leadership: make certain to help keep speaking watch carefully once the football is 2 kicks away and shepherding.

Tackling needs to be hard/tough. Contest everything smother the ball and chase everybody.

Positional Play:

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Forwards-flankers must play wide search for crumbs be steady before goals keep speaking to check out your full forward.

Backs- must be tight shoulder to shoulder employing their opponent play inside your man and used extended driving kicks. With kick outs from fullbacks, rovers needs to be as you are watching pack and wingers behind individuals.

Kicking-just use drop punts when passing otherwise extended driving kicks straight lower the aim to goal line inside the center. Note the final results within the greasy ball along with the wind and make use of them to your benefit.

Understand that the oblong has wide wings and pockets deep. Use north side of oblong to fight.

Starting to warm-up: You need to do something well

Football will skid. So consider the ball flying inside the rear of people in high marking contests. Keep your football prior to deciding to always and soccer the ball if you do not pick t up cleanly.

Umpiring-participate in the whistle.

I decided to produce this time around strongly because within the same game in 1967 in Hobart Wa kicked two goals every time a defender claimed for that umpire he’d touched the marked football two occasions. The Western Australian simply performed on even if this grew to become of kick two goals

Some observations:

There’s been very handful of experienced junior club or school coaches in Queensland within the 1960s. Therefore we needed to teach players regarding the whys and wherefores hanging around. Considering that, how large my team address may have been justified. This wouldn’t be the issue nowadays once i write this.

They’d numerous players within the team who had been inside their second All Australian Circus. Their experience helped raise the performance within the team make certain that’s stays competitive for several of each game. Fitness along with the abilities enable the team lower as tiredness crept within the finish of in every single game.

Players inside the less capable junior clubs within our team learnt rapidly from your training course and outperformed their top club rivals. Frequently we used these players in new positions to discover them flourish.

Players found the softer grounds in Melbourne difficult ever since they were selected for that ball bouncing greater across the firmer grounds in Queensland.

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