Few Tips and Strategies for Beginners to Bet on Football Match


It is easy to get lost in the betting world of football. You begin by just wanting to win frequently and you soon become enticed by the prospect of making a living out of it. However, before you reach that stage, you need to know about the game as well as various strategies for betting.

Football is thrilling because there can be so many various methods to wager and not all games are comparable as such, in other words, each game offers something unique, making it unpredictable and thrilling at times.

TunGame website will also support you by offering soccer highlight (ทีเด็ด บอล, this is the term in Thai) that can also be helpful to you while betting. There are several football betting tips and strategies that may help you to improve your winning chance. A few of them are as given below and you can try one that works best for you?

1.    Betting on a tie

Any football match has 3 different possibilities, which are either a win or a loss. There is also another possibility and that is a draw. So, you can try your luck by betting for a tie-up if both teams have got similar history. It may, however, not be a too popular strategy.

2.    Betting on yellow cards

In case, you are trying for betting on yellow cards, it will be better to do it as the match becomes crucial for both the teams. This can offer your odds from the figure of 2 to 3. The match must also be statistically the toughest tournament for even the referee.

3.    Betting on goals

This market entails betting on who may score first in a game. To win in this betting, all you have to do is look at the charts of all the competition’s top goal scorers. When you are using this betting market, this provides you with a solid idea of who to pick.

4.    Betting on corners

Soccer betting attracts a big audience. Because it is almost impossible to maintain the ball well within the field for such a long time of each half, you should also wager on corners. It is also necessary to conduct research in order to profit from this sector.

5.    Bets on your favourites

This is basic logic. You should always wager on the most favourites in any game if you want a guaranteed win. When any top team goes up against another team in a league game, you should bet on the team that has the top maximum chance to win.

6.    Bets on either even or odd number of goals

Betting on how many goals are also similar to this. However, you may now bet on whether the goal numbers will be odd or even in this game.

It will certainly help you if you try to find the history of the team as well as players so that you can bet with certain assumptions that can be realistic. There are also many more techniques that you will learn once you become a regular bettor of this game.

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